We provide C.A.R.E. PROGRAMS, scholarships, & athletic camps to youth

By bridging education and athletics, The MarShon Brooks Foundation is a nonprofit champion for student athletes who dare to dream.

Do you have a heart for youth

We work with individuals and companies that love children and youth. More specifically, we work with people whose love compels them to give back by volunteering their time or sowing seeds into the lives of these future leaders.

Sow a Seed

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. For the communities that we serve, we play a role in that village.

Not only are we alleviating stress for single parents, By providing additional safety for their children as they work… But we are also allowing children to be exposed to a variety of resources that will allow them to dream bigger.

Each donation that we receive, helps us empower the youth we work with & will help expand your legacy as you plant seeds into the lives of many.

Our Three Pillars

C.A.R.E. Programs


athletic camps